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The programme features 6 study themes. Upon completion of the first year curriculum, students will specialize in one of the four themes in the second year of their study (except Japanese Studies and Korean Studies themes), and, at the same time, select a combination of courses offered by the other themes.


Programme Aims & Features


This theme aims to nurture students’ critical, creative and cognitive abilities through the study of aesthetics, comparative literature, philosophy, and the making of a globalising world. It provides a solid foundation for developing students’ analytical and communication skills.

Upon completion of the first year curriculum, students will specialize in this theme in the second year of their study, and, at the same time, select a combination of courses offered by the other themes*.

*Except Japanese Studies Theme and Korean Studies Theme.

Opportunities for Further Studies

2016 Overall Progression Rate: 78%
Government-funded Bachelor’s Degree Programmes: 65%
Many of our graduates/students are admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes every year. The list below shows the programmes that our graduates/students of the past three years articulated to*:

The University of Hong Kong

BA & BEd Language Education - Chinese (Double Degree) 
BA & BEd in Language Education - English (Double Degree) 
BSc Information Management

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

BA Chinese Language and Literature
BA Cultural Management
BA Cultural Studies
BA English
BA History
BA Japanese Studies
BA Linguistics
BA Philosophy
BA Translation
BSSc Gender Studies
BSSc Global Studies

City University of Hong Kong

BA Chinese
BA Chinese & History
BA Digital Television & Broadcasting
BA English Studies
BA Linguistics & Language Applications
BA Linguistics & Language Technology
BA Media & Communication
BA Translation & Interpretation
BBA Global Business Systems Management
BSocSc Asian & International Studies

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

BA (Hons) Bilingual Interdisciplinary Chinese Studies
BA (Hons) Chinese & Bilingual Studies
BA (Hons) English Studies for the Professions
BA (Hons) Language & Speech Sciences
BBA (Hons) International Shipping & Transport Logistics
Broad Discipline of Hotel & Tourism Management
Broad Discipline of Language, Culture & Communication

Hong Kong Baptist University

BA (Hons)
BA (Hons) Chinese Language & Literature
BA (Hons) Creative & Professional Writing
BA (Hons) English Language & Literature
BA (Hons) English Language & Literature and BEd (Hon) English Language Teaching (Double Degree)
BA (Hons) History
BA (Hons) Humanities
BA (Hons) Religious Studies
BA (Hons) Translation
BSSc (Hons) European Studies - German Stream
BSSc (Hons) Geography

The Education University of Hong Kong

BA (Hons) Language Studies - Chinese Major
BA (Hons) Language Studies - English Major
BA (Hons) Language Studies & BEd (Hons) English Language (co-terminal double degree)
BA (Hons) Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
BEd (Hons) Chinese History
BEd (Hons) Chinese Language
BEd (Hons) Early Childhood Education
BEd (Hons) (Primary) - Mathematics Major
BEd (Hons) (Secondary) - English Language
BEd (Hons) (Secondary) - History Major
BSSc (Hons) Global & Environmental Studies

Lingnan University

BA (Hons)
BA (Hons) History
BA (Hons) Philosophy
BA (Hons) Visual Studies

Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme

Swansea University, The UK
  • BA in English Language
  • BA in English Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • BA in English-Chinese Translation and Interpreting
  • BA in Media and Communication
  • BA in Politics


Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the full-time top-up degree programmes offered locally by HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with the following universities:

Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland
  • BA Communication, Advertising & Public Relations
Middlesex University London, UK
  • BA (Hons) Journalism and Media
  • BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies
  • BA (Hons) Publishing and Digital Culture
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media Culture and Practice
The University of Western Australia, Australia

  • Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) - Japanese Language Pathway
  • Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) - Korean Language Pathway
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) - Communication Studies Pathway
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) - Language Studies Pathway 

Career Prospects

Graduates from this programme can pursue careers in the civil service and other public institutions and services, and the private sector. You will find openings in fields such as journalism, translation, media, education, public relations and copywriting.



*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.

 Excluding Japanese Studies and Korean Studies themes.

  • Advanced Chinese Language
  • English for Academic and Professional Purposes Parts I and II
  • English for Arts and Humanities
  • General English III
  • Introduction to Multimedia/ Information Technology and Applications
  • Quantitative Analysis I or Mathematics with Applications
  • Self-writing and Representation


  • Introduction to Aesthetics
  • Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Politics, Peoples and Cultures: The Making of a Globalising World since 1945
  • Reading and Writing in Chinese


Year 1
(Choose ONE to TWO courses from the following)

  • Ideas that Shaped the Modern World
  • Introduction to Chinese Literature
  • Understanding Culture and Everyday Life

Year 2
(Choose TWO to THREE courses the following and/or from any courses listed under "Specialism Core" of other themes. (Except Japanese Studies Theme and Korean Studies Theme))

  • Advanced Chinese for Business and Commerce
  • Advanced Putonghua
  • Introduction to Applied Linguistics
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Introduction to Media and Communications
  • Introduction to Modern Chinese Literature
  • News Writing and Translation
  • Understanding Korean Culture
  • Understanding Popular Culture in Japan

Year 1

(Choose Two courses from the following, at least ONE from each domain)

Global Issues and Development

  • Politics, Peoples and Culture: The Making of a Globalising World since 1945

Reasoning & Science

  • Elements of Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Ideas that Shaped the Modern World

Year 2

(Choose Two courses from the following, at least ONE from each domain)

Humanities and Arts

  • Arts Appreciation 
  • The Process of Theatre Making 
  • Applied Ethics

Chinese Societies: Heritage and Culture

  • From Revolution to Modernisation: A History of Modern China
  • Rethinking Popular Culture

  • 文學副學士(語言及人文學科)-人文學科
  • 香港中文大學哲學系三年級

不論同學打算向哪一個方向發展,學院眾多的學系或主修都能給予同學各種機會,而課程的設計以及講師的水平令同學在短時間內融入與中學截然不同的學習環境。以我的主修人文學科 (Humanities) 為例,很多人也許覺得此科出路不多,這其實是一種誤解。人文學科包含了文、史、哲三大學術範疇,對於有志在非聯招報讀這三個科系的同學自然是首選。但即使同學打算同時報讀其他學科,如文化科系、創意媒體,甚至是商科,它也會帶給你意想不到的「收穫」。因為數個核心科目在傳授紮實的理論及知識的同時亦著重訓練同學的邏輯及批判性思考。這種獨立思考的能力令同學在非聯招收生中最重要的面試環節有一定的優勢。我在畢業時便獲數個迥然不同的學系所錄取,有中大的哲學系、浸大的宗哲系,也有屬於商科的城大市場營銷學系。

Teresa Tse
Teresa Tse
  • 2004–2005 Associate of Arts
  • 2005–2007 HKU Bachelor of Arts
  • 2007–2009 Management Trainee Program, Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd
  • 2013–2014 CityUHK Master of Arts in Global Business Management
  • Present Specialized in Marketing Communications in Information Technology Industry (Oracle, Microsoft, LinkedIn)

A direct entry year 2 offer of HKU SPACE Community College not only surprised me, but it also gave me confidence when I was situated in a competitive studying arena in HKU the next year after. This articulation back to UGC funded university allowed me to have understood that striving hard for one’s goal should never be given up, and you could only thread this pathway so as to realize personal wishes and actualize oneself gratifyingly.

郭恩成 Kwok Yan Shing Henry
郭恩成 Kwok Yan Shing Henry
  • 2005 文學副學士一年級
  • 2006 香港大學文學士及教育學士
  • 2010 任教於嘉諾撒聖心書院
  • 2011 任教於藍田聖保祿中學
  • 2012 獲頒發 Doris Zimmern 港大 – 劍橋 Hughes 學院獎學金, 就讀劍橋大學研究學院 Hughes 學院修讀教育學碩士

沒有今天到港大及劍橋的機會! ”

改寫我人生的轉捩點,莫過於港大附屬學院的一年,我敢說,沒有港大附屬學院,沒有今天到港大及劍橋的機會。學院的副學士課程設計新穎多元,啟發學生獨立思考,讓學生有充份機會準備大學的學習模式。講師的專業知識及教學方法更是獨當一面,例如 Ms Jane Wong 的商業英語傳意課程、Dr Ming 的邏輯及批判思考課程等,有趣實用,相比起不少傳統課程,有過之而無不及,為我日後的學習、研究及工作打好了良好的基礎,畢生受用。由面對 JUPAS 沒有任何取錄,前路茫茫的一刻,到今天能夠拿獎學金進入劍橋大學實現自己的夢想,港大附屬學院的副學士課程,實在功不可沒。