Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme - Progression Path - Articulation - HKU SPACE Community College
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HKU SPACE Community College offers students a Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme jointly set up with universities in the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom. Upon completion of the two years of our Associate Degree /Higher Diploma programme in the College, the graduates will be automatically admitted to the artner universities, subject to fulfilling the required CGPA, visa and other prescribed requirements. This arrangement will give students an assurance that they will be able to articulate to an overseas degree place upon completion of a 2-year study in the College.

A seamless arrangement with local and overseas learning experience

A precious learning experience with global exposure

Collaborating Universities


University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
William Jessup University


University of South Australia


Swansea University
Manchester Metropolitan University

Remark: The above list is applicable to students of 2019/20 intake.