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Important Message from College Principal - Teaching and Learning Arrangements from Feb 14 onwards

08 Feb 2022

Dear Students,

Given the severity of the current COVID outbreak and the possibility for it to last for a prolonged period, CC has decided for teaching be done by online mode as much as possible for the entire semester 2. The learning and teaching arrangements for CC commencing on February 14 will be as follows:

1. All lectures are delivered by online mode only. Lectures will be recorded and uploaded onto SOUL. In order to ensure a smooth and effective delivery of the online learning, CC has established a special email account for you to report any technical issue or incidents with the online connection. If you find repeated video/audio lags in your Zoom class, please send an email to and provide us the course name and class number for further checking.

2. If there are certain learning activities that must be conducted in-person, e.g. practicals or field study, the course teacher will inform you the detailed arrangements.

3. Except for certain programmes with means of assessment stipulated by professional bodies, course assessment will be based on continuous assessment. The teachers will inform you the amended assessment arrangements.

4. For studio, practical and lab sessions that are necessary to be held in-person, the number of students in the venue cannot exceed 50% of the capacity of the venue. Students should comply with the prescribed seating arrangements and not leave their seats unless permitted by the teacher or the lab supervisor. Students not complying with the arrangements can be expelled from the venue and given a zero mark for the practical or lab work.

5. For essential field studies or group projects in the outdoor setting, the class should be divided into groups of 2 (or whatever maximum group size Government stipulates at the time). Sufficient separation among the groups should be maintained.

6. The practicum for certain programmes may proceed with approvals from CC as well as the hosting organisation. Cancelled practicum will be replaced by an alternative learning activity.

7. In-person tutorial sessions will be reduced in number or replaced by online tutorials. For tutorials held F2F, the number of students in each tutorial group cannot exceed 50% of the room capacity, and students should keep sufficient distance from each other at all times during the tutorial.

8. Student societies planning to organise in-person activities must seek the approval of the College Principal via the SUAB.

9. The learning centres, libraries, and certain designated study facilities will remain open and accessible to students. Students are reminded to register for the Green Pass System before entering the campus.

The above arrangements will apply for the entire semester. Mindful of the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation and government policy, the College may announce further changes in the arrangements as soon as needed.

Prof LS Chan

College Principal