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Programme Code: HD 135 3416 6338 2305 5315 hdis@hkuspace.hku.hk

資歷架構級別: 4
資歷名冊登記號碼: 17/000517/L4
登記有效期:  02/06/2017 至 登記持續有效

Application Code 報名編號 : HD135

本課程教授資訊保安的基本知識與技能。 課程内容包括不同範疇:資訊保安、審計、資訊保安系統管理、網路保安及電腦取證。


本課程的畢業生可成為資訊保安的準專家。他們將具備知識考取專業認證 ,在繼續升學及獲得工作經驗後成為資訊保安專家。





BEng Computer Engineering
BEng Computer Science
BSc Information Technology
BEng Computer and Data Engineering
BEng (Hons) Information Engineering
BSc Computer Science

BSc (Hons) Information Security
BSc (Hons) Computer Science
BEd (Hons) (Secondary) - Information & Communication Technology

香港大學專業進修學院 - 國際學院




  • 資訊保安工程師
  • 初級資訊保安系統審計師
  • 資訊保安産品推銷員
  • 初級系統滲透測試員
  • 安全編碼開發員

* 以上列表只提供部份升學例子以作參考。

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I & II
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • English for Science and Technology
  • Practical Chinese


  • Project (Information Security)
    Internship (Information Technology)

Year 1 

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Information Security Administration
  • Computer Systems and Network Protocol Essentials
  • Ethics and Computing Professionalism 
  • Project Management for Information Technology
  • Switching, Wireless and Routing Essentials
  • Security Audit Fundamentals 

Year 2 

  • Shell Programming
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Information Security Management System
  • Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • Data Center Security Requirements and Compliances
  • Network Security


參觀資訊科技公司 「Nexusguard Consulting Limited」​​​



Mak Chi Fung
Mak Chi Fung
  • 2020 Year 2, Higher Diploma in Information Security
  • Offer received: BEng Computer Engineering, HKUST (Year 2)
  • Offer received: BEng Computer Engineering, PolyU (Year 3)
  • Offer received: BEng Electronic Engineering, CityU (Year 3)

Information security is increasingly important nowadays. Under the current covid-19 pandemic, we go online in many aspects of our lives. Therefore the awareness for information security has risen.

In this programme, I learned to integrate different domains of information security such as audits, network security, and forensics. At the same time, I also learned two types of programming languages for my future studies and work. Apart from the hard knowledge, our lecturers also introduced the operations of the information security industry. For example, I learned when we should obtain an information security certification and the objective of different certifications.

If you wish to enter the information security industry in the future, this course can help you to understand it deeply. If you want to continue to study, it can also help you build a solid foundation in computing knowledge.

Lau Nga Sze
Lau Nga Sze
  • 2020 Year 2, Higher Diploma in Information Security
  • Offer received: BSc in Computer Science (Advanced Standing I), CityU
  • Offer received: BEng in Information Engineering (Advanced Standing II), CityU
  • Offer received: Broad Discipline of Computing, PolyU
  • Offer received: BEng in Computer Science, HKUST
  • Offer received: BSc in Computer Science – Information Systems and Analytics Concentration, HKBU

When I was in Form 5, I have applied Computer Forensic Technology, one of the Applied Learning Courses offered by HKU SPACE. At that time, I have already built up my interest in Information Security and determined to enter this career field in future. Besides, with the advancement of technology, I believe that Information Security specialists stand as a very important role, while it is a relatively new domain in the IT industry. Foreseeing the potential and the importance of Information Security, I am determined to study this programme.

Information Security is not just about technology, management skills are essential as well. This programme provides common IT courses such as programming and networking. Apart from that, you will learn specialized technical skills through hacking and computer forensics, while learning management skills through auditing and Information Security management. After studying this programme, I have realized Information Security is more than an IT subject because it relates to other subjects and areas.

Even though I could not achieve the local universities entrance requirements after my public exams, HKU SPACE Community College has given me the second chance. The learning environment is comfortable, students are motivated and eager to learn. My sincere thanks go to the lecturers, they are professional, patient, and willing to help and support us. The best part of this programme is being taught by lecturers who are working in this industry. I always feel excited when they share their stories and work experiences.   

More talents are needed in this industry. If you are interested in information security, do not hesitate to apply for this programme. You will gain more than you think and have a taste of the adventures in the world of Information Security. I look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the journey.

Cheung Ching Fung, Matt
Cheung Ching Fung, Matt
  • 2019 Year 2, Higher Diploma in Information Security
  • Offer received: BEng in Computer Science, HKUST

Information  Security  when  compared  with  IT  is  a  relatively  new domain for many people nowadays, it is not hard to discover the news that about data disclosure and system security loophole. Along with the advancing of technology, use of IT raises Information Security to an important role, that’s what I noticed about the future potential of this subject and the reason I study in.

This programme contains a wide area of knowledge than IT subject, you will learn professional skills such as hacking (also defense), auditing, forensics management skills and compliance. Networking and  programing  (C  and  shell),  these  courses  same  as  other  IT student will not missing in this programme. It can help you to build abilities on either management or technology.

Apart from the programme itself, lecturers are one of the main factors that leading student to success. Lecturers enjoy sharing their stories and experiences, willing to discuss and guiding students. It is better to ask the way than go astray during college time.

If you are interested in information security and want to expand the view of your future studies and careers. Information Security will be a good choice for you. Everything must have a beginning, hope to see you to start your journey here.

Bob Chan
Bob Chan
  • Higher Diploma in Information Technology (2008-2010)
  • BSc Information Management, HKU (2010-2012)
  • Part-time Lecturer, HKU SPACE Community College

Back to 10 years ago, I was a student of HD in IT. Despite my major was networking, I had opportunities to learn about Information Security and entered the industry after my bachelor studies. Now I am back to HKU SPACE as a lecturer of the new programme HD in Information Security.

If one is asking me why I come back to teach, there are two reasons behind:

First, when compared with IT, Information security is a relatively new domain for people, corporates, institutions and even the society. Due to the fast advancement of technologies and increasing utilization in various industries, more security breakout and concern can be seen (and foreseen). However, shortage of manpower is a major problem throughout the industry, especially in entry level. So I would like to train more people for the whole industry, like what I have gone through in these years.

Another reason is to convey (correct) awareness of information security to teenagers and even the general public, for the misconceptions I have seen nowadays. From TV episodes, movies or the Internet we can see hackers who possess great abilities to destroy or save the world, and teenagers are being attracted and want to become such a person. But the truth is, this industry is a lot more than hackers and technical skills.

In this programme you will learn professional knowledge and skills necessary to survive in this industry, from compliance, audit, management, to technical skills, forensics and hacking (which is pursued by many). Also, you will hear sharing of stories and experience from our adventures in information security field.

My colleagues and I are here to help you to build interests and abilities, as well as provide guidance for your future studies or careers. Looking forward to seeing you around.