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數學及科學 數學及科學


Programme Code: AD 123 3416 6338 2305 5315 ans@hkuspace.hku.hk

Application Code 報名編號 : AD123






BSc Community Health Practice
BSc Public Health
BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
BSc (Hons) Applied Biology - Biotechnology
BEd (Hons) Early Childhood Education
BEd (Hons) Early Childhood Education
BEd (Hons) Science
Bachelor of Health Education (Hons)




除一般入學資格外,申請人須於香港中學文憑考試生物科/化學科考 獲第二級或以上成績;或於組合科學科(生物/化學)考獲第三級或以上成績;或曾修讀香港高級程度生物科或香港高級程度/高級補充程度化學科,或具同等學歷。



  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I & II
  • Quantitative Analysis I
  • English for Healthcare Professionals
  • Advanced Chinese Language

Experiential Learning Couses:

  • Discovering and Expressing the Narrated Self
  • Nursing Practicum I
  • Nursing Practicum II ^


Year 1 

  • Nursing Foundations
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Health Promotion and Education
  • Health Assessment


Year 2

  • Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Basic Clinical Nursing
  • Nursing Care of the Adult


  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning in Discipline-based Studies
  • Applied Psychology
  • Sociology of Health
  • One Core Curriculum Course from the Area of Culture, Media and Society (Refer to List of College Core Curriculum courses)
  • One Core Curriculum Course from the Area of Perspectives in Arts and Humanities (Refer to List of College Core Curriculum courses)
^ 由課程老師推薦選讀
  • 2016-18 健康科學副學士(護理學)
  • 升讀香港理工大學職業治療學(榮譽)理學士
  • 獲以下大學課程取錄:香港理工大學職業治療學(榮譽)理學士
  • 獲以下大學課程取錄:香港大學護理學學士三年級
  • 獲以下大學課程取錄:香港中文大學護理學學士三年級

With 19 marks obtained in HKDSE, I studied in Associate of Nursing Studies in HKU SPACE CC. I wanted to be a truly competent person before admitting to the university. During the 2-year journey, I explored part of the nursing world and understood more about my strengths, weaknesses, as well as personality. I realised that I was more interested in Occupational Therapy, which I chose to study finally. Studying in HKU SPACE CC gave me a second chance to explore my career path and myself, so that I could choose a more suitable path.

Hung Sum Yee, Sammie
Hung Sum Yee, Sammie
  • 2016-18 Associate Health Science in Nursing Studies
  • Advancement to Bachelor of Nursing (Year 3), HKU

I had learned a lot in HKU SPACE CC. There were lab sessions for us to practise nursing skills based on what we had learned in the lectures. I was most impressed by the comprehensive assessment, measuring vital signs and wound dressing, etc. The lecturers always interacted and shared their experience with us. They always provided extra resources to me.

The programme also provided students with practicum opportunity, which took place in community settings, nursing care homes and rehabilitation units. I could apply the skills and knowledge that I had learnt. Patients also interacted with me so that I could understand more about patients’ need and how to provide nursing care interventions. I also had the opportunities to observe treatments and nursing care interventions for the patients which was not able to learn in class. It enriched my learning experience as well.

Chan Hiu Ching Stephanie
Chan Hiu Ching, Stephanie
  • 2016-18 Associate of Health Science (Nursing Studies)
  • Advancement to Bachelor of Nursing (Year 3), HKU

Studying the Associate of Health Science – Nursing Studies in HKU SPACE CC was definitely a rewarding and delightful experience for me. The lecturers were very approachable, knowledgeable and caring. They encouraged me to participate in this life-long nursing journey.

Courses offered in this programme provided fundamental nursing knowledge and skills training for me to get wellprepared for further nursing studies. HKU SPACE CC provided different kinds of facilities and equipment for us to perform skills practices in order to let us familiarize with the ward setting and get used to the equipment. Besides, I have met a group of good friends as my study partners. We paid so much effort and tried our best to strike for better academic results.

The nursing programme in HKU SPACE CC also offered a lot of opportunities to put our acquired skills and knowledge into practices. I had a chance to experience the daily routines and work in real-life setting as a nurse during my practicum.

Overall, the two-year studies in HKU SPACE CC has equipped me with deep knowledge and broad nursing skills which allowed me to continue my new nursing journey in HKU and get one step closer to my future career.

Ho Ching Yi
Ho Ching Yi
  • 2017 Graduate of Associate of Health Science (Nursing Studies)
  • Advancement to Bachelor of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong

I only got 21 marks for the best five subjects in 2016 DSE. Though I received an offer from HKBU BBA, my dream is being a nurse. I knew 21 marks was not enough for me to get admitted to any UGC-funded bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Therefore, I chose to decline HKBU’s offer and study in HKU SPACE CC.

Konrad Lau
Konrad Lau
  • 2017 Graduate of Associate of Health Science (Nursing Studies)
  • Advancement to Year 3, Bachelor of Nursing, HKU
  • Other offer received: Bachelor of Nursing, CUHK (Year 3)

Everything happened just like yesterday, the two years in the college was worthwhile. The courses in nursing studies enable me to acquire the core elements of nursing theories such as critical reasoning, evidence-based practice and holistic care. They are intense since we were learning not only knowledge but also lots of nursing skills to become a humanistic, passionate and decent student preparing for the voyage in the university’s nursing programme and career in nursing.

Henry Chan
Henry Chan
  • 2017 Graduate of Associate of Health Science (Nursing Studies)
  • Advancement to Year 3, Bachelor of Nursing, CUHK
  • Other offer received: Bachelor of Nursing, HKU (Year 3)

This programme provides a good articulation route to chase my dream in nursing. Lecturers are professional, caring and friendly. It equips me with the fundamental nursing skills and knowledge. HKU SPACE Community College is a good choice to strive the best for a place in university. I had the chance to experience the clinical routine of a nurse and practice nursing skills on the real patients while having clinical placement in different settings like community setting, elderly home and sub-acute hospital ward. Through the placement, I’ve learnt more about the roles and responsibilities of a nurse. The experience laid a good foundation to my nursing academic and career path.

Joyce Kwan
Joyce Kwan
  • 2017 Graduate of Associate of Health Science (Nursing Studies)
  • Advancement to Year 3, Bachelor of Nursing, HKU
  • Other offer received: Bachelor of Nursing, CUHK (Year 3)
  • Other offer received: Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing, Tung Wah College (Year 3)

HKU SPACE CC gave me an opportunity to achieve my university dream. I am grateful that I can be one of the members in HKU SPACE CC & HKU. In the two years of study there, the programme gave me a lot of chances to develop my strengths, build up knowledge, clinical skills and enhance my passion in nursing. Although the workload in all of the courses and practicum are quite enormous, the lecturers there are very supportive, and they gave a lot of advices to me about how to overcome those workloads. I really feel delighted that I can meet them in HKU SPACE CC as they made my road become easier. I hope I can keep my passion up in my future study. Good luck!

  • 2014年健康科學副學士(護理學)畢業生
  • 升讀香港大學護理學學士三年級
  • 其他取錄:香港中文大學護理學學士三年級

2 years in AHS programme was not a cakewalk for me, but it was worth it. All the courses, practicum were very intense as it provided various opportunities to equip students to step in nursing field. Nursing is not only about practicing skills, but also requiring your evidence based, professional knowledge. Apart from the theories and human physiology, practicum in different health care settings was also provided to every student. This valuable experience inspired and motivated us to be more proactive in learning and caring. Challenges, difficulties and frustrations are unavoidable, but it is blessed to have many supportive companions and lecturers along these 2 years. The new journey in HKU has started, I am still grateful to have this precious memory in AHS.

  • 2015年健康科學副學士(護理學)畢業生
  • 升讀香港大學護理學學士三年級

Two years studied in HKU SPACE CC, from the start of college’s life to the acquisition of bachelor’s degree offer, what I took away is not only an offer in HKU or knowledge, but also the knowledge and attitude in being a nursing student and the relationship between my classmates, lecturers and tutors which help me to being a better me. Nursing study in CC is never an easy job, assessment, skill test, practicum, a large amount of information and knowledge need to remember. However, even the high workload or stress to us, it never diminish my enthusiasm in being a nurse and continue my study. It may due to the support and encourage giving by our lecturers. They taught us with their knowledge and experience patiently even we were doing wrongly, practiced the skills and went to the practicum with us. Before I had received the offer, I always felt scared and worried about my future. In that time, I always felt sad but my lecturers had given many support to me and tell me be confidence and never give up. They were finding a lot of methods to help us continue our studies in the university. Apart from the lecturers, in CC I found many comrades and friends that we are sustaining each other. We are fighting together towards the same target even now we study in HKU, the relationship between us is never a false appearance. We are relying on each other regardless happy or sad. Finally, we are studying HKU nursing degree together to continue our study. In CC, it is not just obtained an offer and then finished. We received the knowledge and skills from the class lecture and lab session. We learned what is empathy and other attitude of nurse through the practicum and lecturers. Our lecturers and tutors just like our friends that give us many support and advice. The friendship that I had in here is never end till now. What we gained in CC have enriched my life, and make me having more confidence in facing the new life in HKU and every trouble in the future to being a better me. Nothing is impossible, like getting an offer in the university, but it really needs to work hard.