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Since its establishment in 2000, the HKU SPACE Community College has produced over 36,000 graduates. Around 24,500 of them have been admitted to degree programmes, with most being admitted to UGC-funded universities including approximately 4,130 at The University of Hong Kong.

The Government’s Report of Task Force on Review of Self-financing Education has affirmed the value of sub-degrees, in particular as an alternative pathway for achieving a degree education.  This has been further strengthened by the 5,000 Senior Year Places in UGC-funded universities provided exclusively for sub-degree graduates. 

The HKU SPACE Community College has recently implemented a series of initiatives to bolster curriculum relevance and to facilitate credit recognition by the UGC-funded universities. For instance, the core curriculum, which is taken by all our Associate Degree students is designed to satisfy universities’ general education or common core curriculum requirements. In addition, all of our Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes now require an experiential learning course in the form of internships, project-based learning or field-based learning, among other activities. In the coming year, we will launch a new Associate of Geography programme to provide an additional study pathway for DSE students.  

Technology has now become an integral part of our daily life, and online learning and blended learning are now widely recognized as opportunities for enhancing students’ learning experience. The College is committed to expanding our online learning resources, taking down the conventional confines of student education by the classroom walls.

Becoming a student in our College also mean that he/she will become part of our big family. We are here to help students grow, discover, and realize their potential and aspirations. They will find guidance and support from our College staff to help them develop their skills and explore their passion. They will also be connected to people who may potentially become their mentors and friends. 

Students have multiple intelligences, and the College’s broad-based curriculum allows students to develop an awareness of their strengths, and to build on them. The success of many of our graduates is testimony to the growing societal impact of our College. The HKU SPACE Community College will continue to strive to realise students’ potential and pave their paths to a brighter future.