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HKU SPACE Community College is a leading provider of sub-degree programmes in the Greater China region. Since its inception in 2000, the College has produced more than 47,600 graduates, with over 27,800 of these pursuing bachelor degree programmes. Approximately 14,200 progressed to University Grants Committee-funded institutions, with The University of Hong Kong admitting more than 4,700.

The College offers a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for further degree education. The Experiential Learning component enables students to apply their learned skills and practical concepts to tackle authentic situations, while the Core Curriculum of our Associate Degree is composed of interdisciplinary courses on everyday issues. Many of our Higher Diploma programmes have received staunch support from industrial partners in providing practical learning internship experiences to our students.  

To adapt to the pandemic outbreak, the College responded swiftly to expand its distance learning capacity by upgrading all classrooms and by advancing our teaching pedagogies. Our students’ academic progress has not been impacted by the pandemic. In fact, the College is emerging as a leader of modern education with our emphases on student engagement and teacher-learner interactions through both online and face-to-face learning activities.

We continue to organise various extra-curricular activities to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunities to maximise their potential, whether they are local or from abroad. Our student body is becoming more diverse, and we cherish this diversity for the richness it brings. For many years, our students have been performing impressively in musical events, undertaking internships in private corporations and non-governmental organisations, and participating in projects to help underprivileged groups and individuals. The College will continue to develop new programmes and courses to enrich our students’ learning experiences, to enhance their academic endeavours, and to consolidate their career marketability. In fact, while many students pursue further studies, those who have opted for vocational pathways have been praised by their employers for their versatility and problem-solving skills.

Students’ learning at HKU SPACE Community College is not only academic but also practical and multi-dimensional. Our Student Development and Counselling Services team have organised regular activities to foster personal growth, self-discovery, and networking. In addition to the activities of our Students Union and various interest societies, students can either serve as Student Ambassadors or join the Mentorship Scheme.

The College is committed to providing excellence in student learning experiences. We look forward to helping them reach new heights in their academic study and career development.

Professor Sonny S H Lo
Acting Community College Principal