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HKU SPACE Community College is a well-recognized institution providing high quality education in Hong Kong. We also have come a long way towards fulfilling our goal of providing holistic education, which includes not only fostering intellectual growth but also enhancing whole-person development.

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Student Development and Counselling Services

Student Development and Counselling Services (SDCS) aims at helping students in a number of ways, e.g. to adjust to College life, to overcome difficulties in life and learning, to gain a better understanding of themselves, to develop personal potential, to set personal goals in studies and life as well as to plan for further education and careers:

Preparation for future study and future career

Our counsellors will assist students in formulating plans for further studies and career development. Every year, SDCS provides support in different forms to help students who wish to progress to university studies, including talks to introduce local and overseas study opportunities, mock interviews, as well as experience sharing by graduates. 

Moreover, SDCS offers many career development activities to enhance students’ competitiveness in the workplace and better prepare for future career. These include company visits, recruitment talks, workshops on career planning and job interview skills. Mock interviews and job posting service are also available. 

Throughout the time at the College, students can take advantage of the dedicated Education and Career Resources Corners, which offer many useful references on these areas.

Enhancing Personal Growth and Enrichment

Post-secondary education is far more than just obtaining a degree, it is an experience in itself. SDCS has developed the GROWTH Programme, which includes areas like personality awareness, creative thinking, self-management, interpersonal communication, life appreciation, etc. Participating in the activities, provides students an opportunity to create a unique fruitful and rewarding experience, in walking towards their personal success. 

Personal Counselling & Consultation

Being in a new environment, students may encounter problems which ultimately could affect their studies. Problems such as study pressure, difficulties in time management, inadequacies in interpersonal communication skills, etc. should be addressed and resolved to ensure that students can pursue their studies in optimal conditions. Students in need can have free access to our counsellors. Meetings with counsellors are conducted in full privacy, and they are for the purpose of enhancing self-understanding and problem solving skills.

Out of the Class Learning

As a student here, students are encouraged to participate in activities and programmes provided by the College, for enhancing whole-person development as well as gaining more social experience and enriching college life. Here are some of our major highlights:

Peer Advisors Scheme

The Peer Advisors Scheme is set up to provide support to new students. By sharing their own experiences, knowledge, skills and resources, the trained Peer Advisors help the advisees adapt to college life, both academically and socially.

Adventure-base Training

Designed to develop students’ potential and strengthen coping strategies, the programme provides a great opportunity for boosting self-confidence, enhancing team-working abilities and discovering a new sense of self.

V Power: Maximize Your Potential through Voluntary Services

Through serving needy people in the community, this structured programme of voluntary services provides training and guidance in programme planning, communication and facilitation skills. It is another avenue to learn and to experience life.