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HKU SPACE Community College (CC) seeks to excel in quality education and become the leading sub-degree education institute in the region, providing school leavers with multiple educational opportunities and learning programmes that meet the needs of the changing society.


  1. Work closely with The University of Hong Kong, local universities and overseas institutions to provide students with advancement pathways to continue degree studies at universities or to pursue a career in a vocation or profession that satisfies workforce requirements;
  2. Instill in students a broad and diverse learning experience with emphasis on enhancement of their humanistic values and interpersonal skills;
  3. Foster students’ capacity to become self-motivated, critical and creative learners;
  4. Enhance students’ competence to cope with challenges in society, and equip them with the ability to tackle complex authentic issues with creative and novel solutions;
  5. Provide leadership in introducing new and innovative educational concepts and practices to the local community; and
  6. Collaborate with school sectors, industry andcivil organisations to extend learning opportunities to Hong Kong’s general public.