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Student Activities
The College encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities, another aspect of whole-person education. By taking part in different student activities such as the Singing Contest, the Athletics Meet and Open Days, you will gain more social experience and enrich your college life.

Mentorship Programme

This unique programme gives students the opportunity to enter a caring and supportive mentoring relationship with highly successful professionals and experts from different walks of life. Through regular contact and sharing throughout the year, students will not only learn new interpersonal and communication skills, but also equip themselves with valuable new resources to meet future challenges. In the 2016-17 academic year, over 160 participants joined the programme.

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Student Ambassadors Scheme

Outstanding students are invited to join the Student Ambassadors Scheme. By participating in various College Committees and leadership-training programmes, Student Ambassadors learn to become student leaders; they also play an important role of being a liaison between the College and the student population.

Student Activities Student Activities