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Academic environment plays a critical role in the success of your studies. The HKU SPACE Community College campus at Kowloon Bay provides a relaxed and supportive environment for students to learn, socialize and challenge yourself. Conveniently located near the Kowloon Bay MTR station, this 13-storey building offers 50 classrooms of various sizes. The entire campus is also designed to be environmentally-friendly, with facilities such as lush, open-air greenery on the upper levels, a spacious central atrium and sensory energy controls. Our campus also has plenty of natural light and was built by eco-friendly materials.

As a student, you will also enjoy…

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  • Fully-equipped laboratories and study centres for language, multi-media, computer, science, performing arts, visual arts and nursing programmes, plus

  • An in-house library, an education and career resources corner, student common rooms, a student activities room, a Students’ Union office, an auditorium and a sports hall.

  • The latest innovations in e-learning: the College uses SOUL 2.0 which is a total e-learning solution that adopts cutting-edge technology to provide teaching and learning support to both teachers and students.


Our programmes are normally conducted at the Kowloon East Campus, Island East Campus, and Fortress Tower Learning Centre. Some classes are also held at HKU SPACE Learning Centres in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Pokfulam, and etc. 

Library and Sports Facilities at The University of Hong Kong

Students of HKU SPACE Community College can enjoy the resources (including e-resource) of the libraries in The University of Hong Kong (HKU). In addition, students can enjoy the sports facilities and join a coached sports programme provided by the Centre for Sports and Exercise of HKU.