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Academic Matters


Academic Calendar

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Student Handbook


Student Handbook is one of the main sources of information for students. It contains important information such as programme structure, bad weather arrangement, etc. Students are advised to check out the academic policies from the handbook, including:

  • Registration Regulartions, e.g. Length of Study (DFS: 1 year; AD & HD: 2 years)
  • Programme Structure
  • Course Grading (From "A+" to "F")
  • Graduation Requirements

Student Handbook can be downloaded from Learner Portal (Navigation: Login Learner Portal -> My Resources -> Community College -> Student Handbooks) in the middle of August 2022.


Course Exemption

Students are eligible to apply for exemption from taking a compulsory Generic Chinese Language course under the following conditions. The College will permit students to take another course as a replacement (substitute course) for approved cases.

  • Students who do not have local Chinese Language background at Secondary 4 or above; OR
  • Students with overseas Qualifications (IB Diploma, SAT, GCE, IGCE, GCSE or IGCSE result); OR
  • Students who have taken Applied Learning Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students)

Year 1 students of the following programmes who wish to apply for exemption from the Generic Chinese Language Courses offered in 2022/23 Semester 1 & 2 could submit an application on or before 5 September 2022.

  • Associate of Arts in Languages and Humanities (AALH)
  • Associate of Arts in Legal Studies (AALS)
  • Associate of Arts in Media, Cultural and Creative Studies (AAMCCS)
  • Associate of Economics (AECON)
  • Associate of Geography (AGEO)
  • Associate of Social Sciences (ASOCSC)
  • Higher Diploma in Aviation and Piloting (HDAP)
  • Higher Diploma in Business (HDBUS)
  • Higher Diploma in Geotechnical Engineering (HDGE)

Remarks: For students of other programmes, please submit your application before the start of academic year in your Year 2 of study.

An application fee of $200 will be charged for late application between 6-9 September 2022. Please note that late applications may result in failure in taking the substitute course in the same semester and this may course a delay in graduation.