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A place where one's dream comes true

20 Feb 2017

November 12, 2017 will be a memorable day to our alumni, Chris and Sharon, as they will marry each other that day.

Their story started from 2007 when they knew each other as classmate in the Pre-AD programme and they became closer after graduation. After the Pre-AD, Chris continued to study in the Associate of Social Sciences while Sharon continued to study in Higher Diploma in Marketing. As they had to take classes in different campuses, they had less chance to see each other. However, the Student Ambassador (SA) programme connected them together again.

“We became closer after participating in the SA programme” said Sharon with a smile. “We knew each other through the SA programme. At that time, I always saw Sharon in the library and started to pay attention to her. She came to KEC quite frequently for the SA meetings and also we had a lot of common friends. That was why we became closer to each other” Chris said. Chris finally took action to understand Sharon more,

To Chris and Sharon, CC was not only a place where they knew each other but also the milestone of their dream. Chris is now an enrolled nurse and is working in an elderly centre. After working for 2 years, Chris pursued further studies in a programme for enrolled nurses. “I was lucky to have the qualification of Associate Degree offered by CC, otherwise the nursing school might not have admitted me based on my academic performance in high school”. Chris gratefully mentioned that his AD qualification offered by CC had, to a very large extent, helped him pass the interview at once.

Talking about the most valuable thing they got in CC, Chris and Sharon unanimously said it was their teachers and friends here. Both Chris and Sharon would like to express their deepest gratitude to the guidance of their teachers, who helped them a lot in their academic and personal growth. Both Chris and Sharon participated a lot of extra-curricular activities in CC and had made a lot of new friends, who are still their close friends now. They still keep meeting each other. Throughout the 3-year study in CC, what Sharon and Chris got was not only a certificate, but also a chance for their dream to come true.