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Cultural Tour 2018 – Inner Mongolia, China

11 to 16 Jun 2018

The ‘Cultural Tour 2018 – Inner Mongolia, China’ organized by our Student Development and Counselling Services (SDCS), was successfully held from 11 to 16 June 2018. Before departure, our counsellors conducted a training session for the 52 shortlisted students to equip them with the basic background of knowledge and living skills required for a stay in Inner Mongolia. 

During the 6 days and 5 nights tour, students tasted and underwent various local activities, services and visits such as learning archery, making milk tea and dumpling, living in a yurt, participating in cultural exchanges with local students, conducting voluntary service for the elderly, visiting museum and temple, and much more. These activities gave students the opportunity to understand the history and culture of Inner Mongolia as well as strengthen their cross-cultural communication and interaction with local people. Students agreed that this was an impressive tour which provided them with many unforgettable and enjoyable memories.