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The 22nd Graduation Ceremony

28 Sep 2023 Queen Elizabeth Stadium

The 22nd HKU SPACE Community College Graduation Ceremony was held on 28 September 2023. It was a moment of joy as we celebrated the successful graduation of students.

The College was honored to have Professor Gerard Postiglione, Emeritus Professor and Honorary Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, deliver a speech at the ceremony. He expressed his joy in witnessing this important milestone in the graduates’ lives. He also encouraged the graduates to continue their relentless pursuit of learning, to maintain curiosity and courage and to broaden their horizons. He emphasised the importance of not only achieving personal goals but also contributing to society. 

Professor Sonny Lo, Acting College Principal of the Community College, expressed gratitude to the teachers, parents and friends for their guidance and encouragement over the past two years, which enabled the students to embark on a new chapter in their lives smoothly. He offered advice to the graduates, urging them to embrace lifelong learning and self-improvement to adapt to the ever-changing society. He also reminded them to remain humble, ensuring comprehensive development in their personal and professional lives.

During the ceremony, outstanding teacher awards, scholarships and other awards were presented to the teachers and students to praise their contributions to the College and excellent academic achievements.

Once again, the College extends its congratulations to all the graduates and wishes them a joyful and opportunistic journey in life.