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Mentorship Programme 2018 - Inauguration Ceremony

17 Nov 2018 3:00p.m - 4:00p.m College Hall, HKU SPACE Kowloon East Campus

The 18th Mentorship Programme Inauguration Ceremony was successfully held on the 17th November in our Kowloon East Campus.

The Mentorship Programme has provided an excellent platform for students to meet with their mentors, who are outstanding individuals in their fields. Through the programme, mentors can share their valuable knowledge and experience with the students and to provide them with practical guidance and advices on both their professional and holistic development. Mentees can also learn how to deal with people with diverse backgrounds, which is also a good opportunity to enhance their social and communication skills.

Over 110 mentors and mentees participate in the mentorship programme this year. The College would like to express the heartfelt gratitude to all of their support.

211To view the full album of the ceremony, please click here.