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Mini-course on Dynamic Earth

21 Feb 2020

From 27th Feb to Mid March 2020|Every Thursday|3pm

Instructor: Prof Chan Lung Sang


A mini-course consisting of 4 lessons on key aspects of the module Dynamic Earth in the NSS Geography curriculum.

The instructor will use samples, animated figures, and video footages from Hong Kong to enhance explanation of important concepts.

Each lesson is about 40 min, and includes two periods for real-time Q&As.

(Please register for each lesson separately.)



(Lesson completed on 27th Feb.)

Lesson 1: Plate tectonics, Earthquakes and Tsunami Hazards

Processes and driving forces of plate tectonics,
features associated with each type of plate boundaries,
earthquake and tsunami hazard caused by plate motions,
tectonic setting of Hong Kong



(Lesson completed on 5th Mar.)

Lesson 2: Igneous Rocks and Supervolcanic eruption in Hong Kong

Presentation of a simple means of classifying and identifying igneous rocks,
formation and distribution of igneous rocks in Hong Kong,
the supervolcanic event in Hong Kong and
volcanic columns in High Island, Sai Kung




(Lesson completed on 12th Mar.)

Lesson 3: Surficial Processes and Sedimentary Rocks

Major factors governing rock weathering and erosion,
formation of sediment, classification of sedimentary rocks,
biogenic sediment on Tung Ping Chau,
reconstruction of paleoclimatic environments




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For inquiries, please contact Ms Crystal Chan.
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