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HKU SPACE Community College Open Day 2019

09 Mar 2019 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 28 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, HKU SPACE Community College (Kowloon East Campus)


1) Strategies for Scoring 5** in DSE English (11:30am - 12:00pm)

Speaker: Ms. LAU, Carrie H. Y., College Lecturer

Language: Cantonese and/or English

Venue: 1/F Lecture Theatre

Is it difficult to get high score in DSE English? Ms. Carrie Lau, the College Lecturer, will share with you the strategies for scoring 5** in DSE English.


2) Geological Site Investigation for Hong Kong and A brief introduction to the Geotechnical Field in Hong Kong (2:00pm - 3:00pm)

Language: Cantonese and/or English

Venue: Room 610

Part A: Geological Site Investigation for Hong Kong

Speaker: Professor CHAN, L. S., College Principal, HKU SPACE Community College

The talk highlights the importance of geology in the development of infrastructure and management of slope safety, and describes the use of geophysical instrumentation to study the safety of retaining walls, detecting underground leaks and evaluating airport runway conditions. The training requirements for the discipline will also be discussed.

Part B: A Brief Introduction to the Geotechnical Field in Hong Kong

Speaker: Ir. CHEUNG, Paul C. T., Chairman, Profession Branch, Geological Society of Hong Kong and Vice-President, Geological Society of Hong Kong

The talk provides a brief introduction and overview to the geotechnical field in Hong Kong. The knowledge and skills associated with the geotechnical field such as engineering geology, soil mechanics, site investigation, etc. are explored. The talk will explain with examples how geotechnical engineering relates and contributes to substantial urban developments in Hong Kong.


3)  Walk With YOU – Tips for Coping with Public Exams (3:15pm - 4:00pm)

Speaker: Ms. LAM, Anna Y. N., Counsellor 

Language: Cantonese

Venue: 1/F Lecture Theatre

Taking part in public examinations is stressful for both students and parents.  Participants will be able to understand the source of stress and obtain tips for coping with the exam stress through participating in this talk.

Walk-in Application – Obtain Conditional Offer in Advance

The College accepts walk-in application and successful applicants can obtain Conditional Offer in advance.


Programme Activities and Consultation

  • English Games and Display of Students' Assignments

  • Exhibition Booth & Video Sharing

  • Experiment Demonstration

  • Games about Legal Knowledge

  • Health Check

  • IT Projects Display

  • Medicine Game & Science Demonstration

  • Programme Consultation

  • Student Sharing

Campus Tour

Visit our campus and take a look at our facilities. The tour will include visit to Nursing Lab, Science Lab, Library and Performing Arts Studio, etc.


All parents, teachers and students are welcome!