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Important Message from the College Principal - Updates on Class and Assessment Arrangement

13 Feb 2020

Dear Students,

Since the current coronavirus outbreak is likely to prevail in Hong Kong for a longer while, HKU SPACE Community College has decided to use the online platforms for the delivery of all instructional activities until further notice. Please note the following arrangements.

  1. Lecture instruction of all classes will be delivered during the regular timetabled slots using online and mobile means. Unless absolutely necessary, there will be no scheduled face-to-face meetings on campus.
  2. The revision days on 17-18 March and April 9 will be kept as scheduled. Individual teachers may use any of these three days to organize additional online learning activities. Please pay attention to announcements by the course teachers.
  3. The assessment plans of many courses will likely be revised. Revisions in the assessment plan for individual courses will be announced on SOUL by Feb 21. The College will ensure flexibility in the course assessment and marking criteria for this semester.
  4. The College will continue to provide counseling and student support service, as well as career and university programme talks via the SDCS hotline and the online platform.

The on-line instruction has been proceeding smoothly in general, though we received several comments from students about connectivity. The IT Unit of the School and our teachers are working diligently to improve the connection and delivery of the on-line lectures.

Hopefully classroom meetings can be resumed in April. To increase opportunity for direct face-to-face contacts and to enable make-ups of learning activities that must be done on campus, such as labs and practicals, the College has decided to implement the following arrangements.

  1. The teaching schedule for the semester will be extended to May 9. During the extension period, classes will meet during the regular timetabled slots of the week.
  2. The final examination period will be deferred to May 11-May 31, provided the outbreak has subsided by then. All students taking examinations are required to be present in the examination venue. Many courses, however, will likely replace the final examination by continuous assessment means.
  3. The College is considering offering a limited number of courses during the summer term to provide students who have had difficulties attending classes this semester with additional means of completing the graduation requirement.
  4. Assessment results will be released by the end of June. We have been communicating with university admission offices to ensure that applications for direct entry by the Year 2 students will not be affected.

While most of our offices are currently kept open, anyone entering the campus is required to take a temperature measurement, wear a mouth mask, complete a health declaration form, and use hand-rub to sanitize the hands. Anyone showing symptoms of illness or returning from Mainland China within the past 14 days is not permitted to enter campus.

Please stay strong and healthy.

Professor Chan Lung Sang
College Principal
HKU SPACE Community College