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Message from College Principal: Learning Subsidies

08 May 2020

Dear Students,

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes to many people around the world. For our College, basically all classes have been delivered via online means since February to ensure minimal disruption to your learning schedule. Recently we organised a series of web meetings with students in various programmes to see how they have been coping with the new mode of learning. Positive feedbacks from students include the ability for them to review recorded lectures, spontaneous interactions with other learners in the breakout room, and ability to attend the lessons at any location. We also noted their concerns with connectivity, privacy and information security, among others. 

The migration to online learning was generally smooth. The College has taken swift actions to enhance our teaching facilities and provide teacher support. Likewise, you have made extra efforts to adapt to the new mode of learning. Together we have dealt with the challenges as best as we could have. 

Realising the additional expenses you may have spent on upgrading data plans and purchasing accessories to facilitate online learning, the College has decided to give all eligible full-time students a learning subsidy of HK$2,000. The subsidy will be deposited directly to your bank account in July. The detailed arrangement will be announced shortly on the Learner Portal. 

All of you must be busy with your end-of-term assessment; some may be working on your applications for articulation to universities. The College has already communicated with admissions office of the local universities on the schedule for announcing academic results to ensure that your application or study progression not be affected. 

We have a rather tough 2020 but are already seeing the silver lining. I am sure we will all emerge from the situations wiser and stronger. 

Wish you the best with your assessments. Please stay vigilant and take care. 

Prof LS Chan 
College Principal