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Message from College Principal to Current Students

24 Sep 2012

Dear All,

I wish to warmly welcome you to the HKU SPACE Community College.

The new school year will commence on 24 September 2012, and this will mark the start of a new journey. After two to three years, depending on which programme you are enrolled in, you will either study further or join the work force. The training you will receive during this period will prepare you for your chosen pathway in five specific areas:

  1. Your communication skills will develop, allowing you to express your ideas and feelings more effectively in academic and non-academic settings;
  2. You will also build upon your interpersonal skills, which will enable you to deal with friends and colleagues to achieve positive outcomes;
  3. You will gain greater insight not only into your own specialty, but perhaps more importantly, into other subject areas, thus broadening your knowledge base;
  4. You will develop the skills necessary to continue your education and to learn throughout your life, which will enable you to keep up in this rapidly changing world;
  5. You will build on your knowledge of ethics and codes of conduct to further equip you with the skills to contribute to society.

The sub-degree programme you are embarking on may not have been your first choice of study, but it will shape you into an all-rounded individual with the capacity to draw on a range of skills to solve problems and to achieve your goals. If you make the most out of these skills, you will achieve great things and succeed. I can cite many examples of success of the graduates of the HKU SPACE Community College. In fact several of your teachers, very good teachers, are graduates of the College who went on to study further.

What are the keys to success? First and foremost, it is hard work, and this requires no explanation. Secondly, it is having interest in what you do, because this allows you to put boundless energy into your chosen course of study.

I hope that in the next two years you work hard, interact with your fellow classmates - some of whom may become your life long friends, and enjoy the extracurricular activities we offer you.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to fully utilize the skills and knowledge we give you so that you can make a more fulfilling life for yourself and for those around you.

Professor T.M Wong