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Message from the College Principal

16 Sep 2014

LS Chan

As the new College Principal of the HKU SPACE Community College, I wish to warmly welcome our students who commence studies at the College in the 2014/15 academic year, which marks the start of a new and exploratory journey.

Our College has gained recognition as a provider of quality education locally and in the region. We have come a long way towards fulfilling our goal of providing a holistic education which will not only foster intellectual growth but also moral awareness and a sense of fair play. We help graduates develop their full potential in the world of work (and play) and nurture in them the intellectual curiosity which leads to a lifetime of learning.

We are, in fact, an institution providing quality elementary undergraduate education, i.e. the first two years of university education. After two years of university-mode training, students will be well-equipped and competent enough to progress to the third and fourth year of undergraduate studies. In addition, we are offering multiple articulation pathways to students with different abilities and aspirations, both academically and vocationally.

We have so far accomplished a great deal. Graduates of our Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes have won deserved recognition from universities and employers for their quality and performance. The College has enjoyed more affirmation of the validity of its mission and vision. The accumulated figure of graduates is over 21,000, and more than 70% of them have managed to articulate to bachelor’s degree programmes since the establishment of the College in 2000. Graduates of specific programmes have further achieved a very encouraging overall articulation rate in 2013, including those from Associate of Business Administration (88.9%) and Associate of Science (78.2%).

I have no doubt the hard work, commitment and vision of the two former Principals, Professor K F Cheng and Professor T M Wong, and our team of dedicated teachers and administrators have made the College so successful. Our students and graduates have also played a most important part in enhancing the College’s reputation. The prospect of continuing the tradition of dedication, commitment and vision is a humbling yet exciting one, and I am humbled and excited—and honoured -- to have the opportunity, and pledge to give of my best.

My hope is that we all could give a little more support and encouragement to our students, to let them enrich themselves in the HKU SPACE Community College, and to establish a strong, purposeful foundation. For Students, you all have to fully utilize the skills and knowledge we give you, and make a fulfilling life for yourselves and for those around you!

Professor L S Chan

College Principal