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Your Choices of Further Studies

No matter what results you get, there are always chances and choices.

Depending on your DSE results…

Receive a desirable offer in JUPAS main round: Pay the $5,000 acceptance fee within two days.
You can apply for 
1. Associate Degree (AD) or Higher Diploma (HD) programmes 
AD/HD graduates can apply for admission to year 3 of UGC-funded degree programmes. There are 5,000 UGC-funded senior places in 2021. 
Some of our students are admitted to Year 1 of a degree programme at UGC-funded universities after completing their first-year study.

2. Self-financed (SF) Degree programmes
Most self-financed degree programmes are of 4-year duration.  Non-local programmes may have different duration. Students should pay attention to their tuition fee, duration of study, accreditation, teaching quality, world ranking, and etc when making decision.
You can apply for AD and HD programmes. 
Graduates can apply for admission to Year 3 of UGC-funded degree programme through Non-JUPAS. Some of our students are admitted to Year 1 of a degree programme at UGC-funded universities after completing their first-year study.
If you don’t have Level 2 in 5 subjects, you may apply for programmes at QF Level 3, for examples, Diploma in Foundation Studies or Diploma Yi Jin, and apply for admission to AD/HD after 1 year of study. There are always opportunities to study a bachelor’s degree.


Some tips for you…

They include UGC-funded degree programmes, sub-degree programmes, SSSDP programmes and OUHK self-financing programmes. You should pay attention to the differences!
The tuition fees are comparable no matter you choose to study 4-year self-financing (SF) degree or UGC-funded degree (2 years) via AD/HD (2 years). Sub-degree programmes is more flexible in progression to UGC-funded degree programme or Top-up degree programme.
Comparison of tuition fees*

Year 4

Year 3

Senior Year Places
Top-up degree 
programme offered 
by SF Institution

4-year SF
degree programme


Year 2

Year 1

Total tuition 
fees in 4 years
~HK$ 198,000 ~HK$ 214,000# ~HK$ 200,000

*The figures are for reference only. Tuition fees of respective institutions may vary.
#The total tuition fees have deducted the annual subsidy of HK$33,100 from HKSAR.
The HKSAR government provides HK$33,100 non-means-tested subsidy for students studying self-financing degrees in Hong Kong. Students who progress to self-financing degree after completing 2-year AD/HD programmes are also entitled to receive the subsidy from the scheme. For the list of eligible Self-financing institutions and the details of the subsidy scheme, please refer to EDB’s website for details.

There are 5,000 UGC-funded senior year places for 2021/22, exclusively for AD/HD graduates to apply. Students normally complete a full-time UGC-funded degree programme in 4 years (2 years in sub-degree and 2 years in senior years of bachelor’s degree).
Diploma Yin Jin has no minimum requirement while some foundation programmes require at least 6 points in DSE. The advantage of the later is to put similar students together for common goal.