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Higher Diploma in eSports

Programme Code: HD 141 3762 0910 2571 8480
QF Level: 4
QR Registration No.: 19/000094/L4
Registration Validity Period:  01/09/2019 to ongoing

Application Code 報名編號 : HD141

Background information

E-sports is a derivative from the game industry, integrating elements of technology, media, entertainment as well as professional sports. It is observed that eSports has become one of the most rapidly growing forms of media in recent years. In the Hong Kong 2017 Budget Speech, the Financial Secretary highlighted that eSports had great economic development potentials which could help boost the local gaming and IT industries.

Programme Aims & Features

This programme is the first sub-degree programme in Hong Kong which aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of eSports.

Learning topics include the principles of eSports ecosystems and development, streaming technologies, eSports business start-up and strategies, digital media production, event management, recreation marketing and health that will commonly be applied in the day-to-day eSports event operations. The programme will be delivered in the form of face-to-face lectures, and non-lecture activities including workshops, field trip, placement/ project.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this programme are well-suited to apply for the positions in local and international eSports industry. Progression is possible in careers as diverse eSports event planners and stage officers, eSports marketing officers, eSports competition casters and narrators and eSports technical support officers.

Opportunities for Further Studies

2022 Overall Progression Rate: 50%

Graduates could apply for admission to various UGC-funded degree programmes in sports, information technology and new media, and related top-up degree programmes at local universities or eSports degree programmes offered by various overseas universities.

HKU SPACE International College
Graduates are also eligible to apply for admission to the following full-time top-up degree programmes offered locally by HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with the following universitiy:

Edinburgh Napier University

University of the Arts London

University of the West of England, Bristol

University of Hull

Middlesex University London



Year 1

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • Information Technology Fundamentals
  • English for Academic Purposes I

Year 2

  • English for Business
  • Practical Chinese
  • Elementary Statistics
  • English for Academic Purposes II


Year 1

  • eSports Business Ecosystems
  • eSports Communication Skills
  • eSports Digital Media Production I
  • Computing Application for eSports Development
  • eSports and Health
  • Entrepreneurial and Financial Strategies in Sport and Recreation
  • Programme Management in Sport, eSports and Recreation

Year 2

  • eSports Ethics and Law
  • Innovative eSports Business Start-up
  • eSports Digital Media Production II
  • Sport and Recreation Marketing
  • Special Event, eSports and Entertainment Management

Experiential Learning Course

  • eSports Placement


  • eSports Project

Courses offered in each semester are subject to student enrolment and resources available. 

Fung Tsz Ho
Fung Tsz Ho
  • 2022-23 Student of Higher Diploma in eSports

The programme allowed me to have a better understanding in eSports ecosystems and developed my skills in event management, eSports business start-up strategies etc. Moreover, the programme gave me opportunities to connect with professionals in the field and gained valuable experiences.

Hui Ka Chun
Hui Ka Chun
  • 2020-22 Student of Higher Diploma in eSports

Honestly, I thought eSport was just gaming before studying this programme. This programme introduces a lot about the eSport industry.  It includes theory aspects about analysing the environment of the global eSport market. It also includes practical aspects e.g. how to organise an eSport event. 

In addition, the programme offered some placements that giving us experience in handling eSport projects in real world. It was a valuable opportunity for me learn from the professionals.

I hope the negative perception towards eSport could be changed in the future. eSport is more than just gaming!

LAI Chun Ki, Aldous
LAI Chun Ki, Aldous
  • Student of City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media (Year 3)
  • 2019-21 Student of Higher Diploma in eSports

When it comes to the term eSports, most people have the perception of “teenagers playing online games”. As a matter of fact, playing online games was just a small part of knowledge under the Higher Diploma in eSports at HKU SPACE CC. Apart from the skills learnt in practical sessions, I gained valuable experience when working with professionals to handle eSport projects. I also got to know that there was a wide range of career opportunities after graduation, including event organizer, programmer, sports coach, and media production, etc., which allowed me to have better planning for my further career.
Lecturers of this programme were patient to help and always encouraged us to try new things. Not only were they professional in teaching, they were also willing to answer any question regarding our academic or career development. They provided me with valuable advice which enabled me to pursue my dream in eSports. I would like to express my gratitude to all lecturers who have taught me. Thank you very much!