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Message from the College Principal

14 Jan 2013

HKU SPACE Community College is a well-recognized institution in providing high quality education in Hong Kong. Since our foundation in 2000, the College has established its reputation as the pioneer in the sub-degree education field.

The College has come a long way towards fulfilling the goal of providing holistic education, which does not only include fostering intellectual growth but also enhancing moral awareness and a sense of equality. Emphasis is also placed on communication, problem-solving skills and critical thinking. The sub-degree programmes offered by the College turn our students into all-round individuals who have the capability to draw on a range of skills to achieve their goals. We cultivate students’ curiosity to learn and understand the importance of life-long learning. We have a strong team of teaching professionals, among them 91% are either master’s or doctoral degree holders. In addition, 32% of our teaching staff have obtained professional qualifications and all are experienced. 

Throughout all these years, the College witnessed the fulfillment of our education vision and mission. A total of 13,000 graduates have been admitted to undergraduate programmes. Among them, over 2,300 progressed to The University of Hong Kong. One of the keys of success is that students at the College are given an opportunity to choose subject areas that they have passion for. Making the right choice and hence genuine interest guarantees enjoyment in their studies and good performance in examinations.

The College will continue to be devoted to providing high quality education, nurturing individual student’s potential and assisting them to find their directions and accomplish their academic and career goals.

Professor T M Wong