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Higher Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Programme Code: HD 129 Online Application 3416 6338 2305 5315

Application Code 報名編號 : HD129


Higher Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications
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Professional and Practical Training

The Higher Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications programme aims to prepare students for further academic and career development in the fields of public relations, corporate communication, media, advertising, journalism, marketing and management. Students will learn how the media work, how to manage and package information for the media, how to analyze information, and how to identify audiences and readers from this highly professional and career-related programme.

Experience Sharing by Industry Practitioners

Professionals from the media sector and public relations practitioners are invited to share their work experience during guest lectures.

Placements and Internship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply for a number of placements and summer internships on a voluntary basis. These opportunities do not carry any credits but the knowledge gained and contacts made in the industry will prove invaluable for students to develop their future careers.

Opportunities for Further Studies

2019 Overall Progression Rate: 77%                      

Some of our graduates/students are admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes every year. The list below shows the programmes that our graduates/students of recent years have articulated to*:

The University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA Cultural Management
BSSc Journalism & Communication

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

City University of Hong Kong
BA Digital Television & Broadcasting
BA Media & Communication
BA Translation & Interpretation
BBA Information Management
BSocSc (Hons) Public Policy & Politics

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BA (Hons) Fashion and Textiles
BSc (Hons) Enterprise Engineering with Management

Hong Kong Baptist University
BSocSc (Hons) Communication - Organizational Communication
BSocSc (Hons) Communication - Public Relations and Advertising   

The Education University of Hong Kong
BEd (Hons) Business, Accounting & Financial Studies

Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme

Swansea University
BA in Media and Communication
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Media

The University of New South Wales
Bachelor of Media (Public Relations and Advertising)

HKU SPACE International College

University of the Arts London

Edinburgh Napier University, UK

The University of Hull, UK

The University of Western Australia, Australia

University of the West of England, Bristol

Manchester Metropolitan University

Career Prospects

The corporate communications components make up a highly recognised qualification for career opportunities in advertising, media management, business development, marketing, corporate and public affairs.


*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Information Technology Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I and II
  • English for Business
  • Advanced Chinese Language


  • Public Relations and Corporate Communications Project

Year 1

  • Principles of Public Relations and Corporate Communications
  • Practical Public Relations Writing in Chinese and English
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Management
  • Introduction to Media and Communications
  • Media Publishing and Production


Year 2

  • Advertising: Principles and Practice
  • Effective Public Relations Campaigns
  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Event Planning and Promotion
  • Digital PR
  • Crisis Communication and Reputation Management


學生經驗分享 — HD PRCC是一個怎樣的課程?

由師姐Jasmine, Eunice和Hailey 構思及製作的短片,分享她們修讀公關及企業傳訊高級文憑(HD PRCC)的經驗和心得。



「專業公關分享」講座 - 聽聽 Irene 的經驗之談,向公關專業出發!

讀公關課程,做 Intern(實習),對於「入行」有幫助嗎?
Irene Lo 在 2012 年以實習形式加入,今天已是 Account Executive(客戶主任),

(1) 公關實習生- 積極投入 主動學習


(2) Intern經驗之談 公關原來咁專業


(3) Irene教路 面試基本功


Experiential Learning

In the experiential learning course, students are required to develop PR and promotional plans for an assigned business or nonprofit organization that collaborates with our programme. Students can apply relevant knowledge and their creativity to formulate strategies, and can gain practical experience through discussions with and presentations to the corporate partner.

吳思慧 (Summer)
吳思慧 (Summer)
  • 升讀香港城市大學工商管理學士(市場營銷)


杜穎蕎 (Jasmine)
杜穎蕎 (Jasmine)
  • 升讀香港浸會大學傳播系(公關及廣告)


梁慧琪 (Nicole)
梁慧琪 (Nicole)
  • 升讀香港浸會大學傳播 (公關及廣告)


楊淑殷 (Joyce)
楊淑殷 (Joyce)
  • 升讀香港城市大學媒體與傳播系 (數碼電視與廣播)


Wong Yau Wa
Wong Yau Wa
  • 升讀香港城市大學媒體與傳播系 (數碼電視與廣播)


郭慧怡 (Haylie)
郭慧怡 (Haylie)
  • 升讀香港城市大學媒體與傳播系 (數碼電視與廣播)


  • 升讀香港浸會大學傳理學院(公關及廣告)


梁懿德 (Daisy)
梁懿德 (Daisy)
  • 升讀香港中文大學新聞及傳播學院


盧榆澄 (Joey)
盧榆澄 (Joey)
  • 升讀香港浸會大學傳播系(公關及廣告)


Zoe Tse
Zoe Tse
  • 升讀香港城市大學媒體及傳播系


崔詠芝 (Candy)
崔詠芝 (Candy)
  • 升讀香港中文大學新聞及傳播學院


黃紫紅 (Tsz Hung)
黃紫紅 (Tsz Hung)
  • 升讀香港中文大學文化管理系