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Facilities of HKU Libraries

HKU Library

Being eligible for borrower / reader card of the University of Hong Kong Libraries, students of our College have access to the extensive library resources which comprise over 2.9 million printed titles and substantial amount of electronic resources.


Online Learning Facilities

SOUL 2.0

To ensure that students benefit from the latest innovations in e-learning, the College uses SOUL 2.0 which is a total e-learning solution provided by HKU SPACE. This unique solution adopts cutting-edge technology to provide teaching and learning support to both teachers and students.


English Learning Resources

English Learning Resources

The College’s English learning centres offer facilities to help students improve their listening and spoken English. The centres are equipped with English learning resources which can provide a conducive learning environment for students to practise and improve their English language skills after class. The Library cum Multi-Media Learning Centre is equipped with learning materials for a wide variety of learning needs and abilities and features the latest audio-visual and computer equipments, so that students can conduct self-practice in a private booth. There is also an English Activity Area where lecturers and students can gather together in an informal atmosphere to practise English.


Computer Laboratories, Cyberstations and Notebook Computer Loan Service

Computer Laboratories

The College’s IT facilities and services include state-of-the-art computer laboratories and cyber-stations. Students can also enjoy a notebook computer loan service available on campus. To help students fully benefit from these facilities, all computers including notebook computers offer Internet access and are installed with a wide range of software. Free Wi- Fi service is also available on campus.


Sports Programmes and Facilities


Physical education is an important part of holistic education. During your time at the College, you are welcome to use the facilities provided by the Institute of Human Performance of The University of Hong Kong. Every student has an opportunity to join a coached sports programme in one of the semesters.


Special Facilities

Special Facilities

The College is continuously upgrading its facilities to provide the best learning environment for students. The latest facilities include a Performing Arts Studio, a Visual Arts Studio, a Production Studio, a Multi-purpose Studio, and Art and Design Studio, and an Architectural Studio.


Support Services for Students with Special Educational Needs

The College is committed to offer equal learning opportunities to students with disabilities. According to students’ special needs, we provide different learning support and facilitative services with the aim to help them adapt to the College life, for example:

  • Provision of barrier-free access (e.g. lifts serving all floors, ramp, toilets for the disabled, guide path and braille signage)
  • Permission to use ancillary aids in class or during examination (e.g. computers or magnifiers)
  • Special examination arrangement (e.g. extra examination time allowance, enlarged question papers)
  • Curriculum adaption (e.g. change of assessment format)
  • Counselling services

The support services are given to students on an individual basis. Applicants with special educational needs should indicate their condition and the special assistance required clearly on the application form during admission. This information would help the College better understand the applicant’s requirements so that the appropriate arrangement can be made.

For enquiries, please contact the Student Records Team at 3762 2000 or email at ccad@hkuspace.hku.hk.