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Challenge Nature 2018

31 May to 2 June 2018

CC puts emphasis on learning outside the  classroom and encourages students to learn through various experiential activities. A ‘Challenge Nature’ activity was organized by SDCS from 31 May to 2 June 2018 at Sai Kung and Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village for students to engage in a totally different learning experience. This year, 20 students experienced a series of adventurous activities like canoeing, wild cooking, wild camping, city hunt, and team building activities, to name a few. Even though students faced a lot of challenges, they were willing to work together and overcome these without giving up easily. Students reflected this activity was an unforgettable and amazing experience which not only had them stepping out of their comfort zone but also exploring their potentials.

  • We had to work together to deal with the difficulties, and the process made us stronger and more united.  We knew each other better and better. (Lulu Chen, Associate of Business Administration Year 1)

  • We must never give up and dare to challenge ourselves, then everything else is not a problem. (Kelly Yuan, Associate of Business Administration Year 1)

  • City hunt showed our team spirit, wisdom and body strengths. Although we felt tired, we always had a smile on our face. (Johnson Chan, Associate of Arts in Legal Studies Year 1)