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Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation

Programme Code: HD 124 Online Application 3416 6338 2305 5315

Application Code 報名編號 : HD124

Programme Aims & Features

A solid foundation in Chinese and English is an important asset for career advancement and further studies because Hong Kong has a huge and continuous demand for professionals who can mediate between the two languages effectively.

Students will acquire practical and professional knowledge and receive hands-on training in translation at a paraprofessional level. Specifically, in addition to acquiring skills needed for translating various types of public administration and commercial documents as well as news writings, students will have a taste of sight interpretation, consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

Opportunities for Further Studies

2019 Overall Progression Rate: 79%
UGC-funded Bachelor’s Degree Programmes: 83%

Some of our graduates/students are admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes every year. The list below shows the programmes that our graduates/students of recent years have articulated to*:

The University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA Chinese Language & Literature
BA History
BA Translation   

City University of Hong Kong
BA Chinese & History
BA English
BA Linguistics & Language Applications
BA Translation and Interpretation
BSSc Asian & International Studies

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BA (Hons) Bilingual Interdisciplinary Chinese Studies
BA (Hons) Chinese & Bilingual Studies
BA (Hons) Language & Speech Sciences
Broad Discipline of Language, Culture and Communication
BSc (Hons) Aviation Operations & Systems

Hong Kong Baptist University
BA (Hons) English Language & Literature 
BA (Hons) Translation

The Education University of Hong Kong
BA (Hons) Language Studies - Chinese Major
BA (Hons) Language Studies - English Major
BA (Hons) Language Studies & BEd (Hons) English Language (co-terminal double degree)
BEd (Hons) (Secondary) English Language

Lingnan University
BA (Hons)
BA (Hons) English Studies
BA (Hons) Translation

HKU SPACE International College

Graduates are also eligible to apply for admission to the following full-time top-up degree programmes offered locally by HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with the following universities:

University of the Arts London

Edinburgh Napier University

University of Western Australia

University of the West of England, Bristol

Manchester Metropolitan University

Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme

Swansea University
BA in English Language
BA in English Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language 
BA in English-Chinese Translation and Interpreting

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Bachelor of Arts

Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme can seek employment at entry level in various fields that require good English and Chinese proficiency and translation skills, such as advertising, the media, journalism, publishing, editing, translation, public relations, tourism, marketing and promotion in both the public and private sectors.

Special Entrance Requirements

In addition to the minimum entrance requirements, applicants are also required to obtain Grade D or above in AS Use of English and Grade E or above in AS Chinese Language and Culture in the HKALE, or obtained Level 3 or above in HKDSE English Language, and have three years of study in Putonghua in secondary school, or equivalent. 


*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I & II
  • Advanced Chinese Language
  • English for Arts and Humanities
  • Professional Putonghua
  • Information Technology Fundamentals


  • Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies

Year 1

  • Introduction to Translation

  • Introduction to Linguistics

  • Theory and Practice of Translation

  • Comparative Study of Chinese and English

  • Introduction to Interpretation: Cantonese / English

  • Practical Translation (Business and Public Administration)


Year 2

  • Reading and Writing in Chinese

  • Consecutive Interpretation: Cantonese / English

  • Translation Project: English – Chinese

  • Translation Project: Chinese – English

  • Culture and Translation

  • News Writing and Translation


Beverly Fung
Beverly Fung
  • 2019 Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation
  • Advancement to BA in Translation (Year 3), CUHK

The two years at HKU SPACE CC not only equipped me with knowledge and skills in the translation field, but also inspired me to explore this area and achieve my full potential further. It has been my stepping stone to my dream to obtain a major in Translation at CUHK. The practical translation and interpreting skills I have learnt from HD (TRA) has honed my abilities and proficiency to handle challenging courses in CUHK now. I am grateful for the opportunity that this programme has offered me.

Sasha Lau
Sasha Lau
  • 2017-18 Year 1 student
  • Advancement to BA in the Department of Linguistics and Translation (Year 1), CityU

The year in HKU SPACE CC was definitely something I would proudly tell others in university. It helped me in many different ways: the programme gave me a solid foundation of translation knowledge and application skills; the Taiwan trip gave me a chance to broaden my horizons. Most importantly, the whole year allowed me to think thoroughly what I wanted for my future, which reinforced my determination to study further in translation.

Winsor Lee
Winsor Lee
  • 2018 Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation
  • Advancement to BA in Translation and Interpretation (Year 3), CityU

After completing Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, I have truly understood that translation doesn’t only involve different languages, but cultural backgrounds as well. Spending two years of time studying in HKU SPACE CC has made me realize that polishing my translation or interpretation skills opens many doors for me. I didn’t expect myself to be passionate about translation when I first studied the programme, but I’m now continuing my study in translation in the university for the coming two years.

Loretta Yeung
Loretta Yeung
  • 2018 Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation
  • Advancement to BA in Translation (Year 3), CUHK

The training in HKU SPACE CC has equipped me a lot in terms of translation knowledge and interpreting skills that facilitate my current study. Because of the practical translation training in HDTRA, I am now capable of translating materials with the good use of translation theories within a limited time.

Kwan Lam Jojo
Kwan Lam Jojo
  • 2018 Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation

Studying in HKU SPACE is a good learning experience. I can learn a lot of translation skills and theories which are very useful when doing projects. Also, there are many lecturers helping me to become familiar with the courses so that I can know more clearly how to do project. In SPACE, translation is not only about translating between Cantonese and English, but also covers many specific areas such as business and law texts, linguistics and so on. I have become more interested in translation while studying here.

Chow Sin Ying Sharon
Chow Sin Ying Sharon
  • 2018 Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation
  • Advancement to BA (Hons) Chinese and Bilingual Studies (Year 3), PolyU

I enjoy studying translation in the college because I can learn sufficient theories and practise a lot in translation. Learning to translate both the text and its underlying cultural information, I can now translate texts more properly and thoroughly. My passion for interpretation is also awakened and I have become more aware of the two languages used in daily life. After the two-year study of translation, I am determined to explore more about this field in the future.

Bowie Yung
Bowie Yung
  • Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation in 2017
  • Admitted to BA in English Studies for the Professions in PolyU (Year 3)


  • 2015年修畢嶺南大學翻譯文學士
  • 現任博華太平洋國際(控股)有限公司翻譯員


Cindy Cheung
Cindy Cheung
  • Graduate of Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation in 2016
  • BA in History, CityU (Year 1)

I have found the one year of studying in the Translation and Interpretation programme challenging yet rewarding. It helps me to solve different translation problems and equips me with the professional knowledge and experience which can help me to prepare for my further studies in university and to better manage my daily life.

Lam Man Hei
Lam Man Hei
  • BA (Hon) in Language Studies, senior year in EdUHK

Translation is not all about manipulating languages, in fact we must have a good knowledge of the different forms of writing and what the authors want to deliver. The two years of study has also fostered my understanding of different cultures and why they are so different from one another.

Meimei Wong
Meimei Wong
  • BA in Translation, CityU (Year 1)

Having studied in HKU SPACE CC for one year is really a fruitful experience. Not only the translation skills and theories I have learnt, but also the lecturers who were always willing to help and support us by giving valuable advice on non-JUPAS application and study tips. The time spent in the Taiwan study tour was invaluable too. All these have prepared me well in continuing my study of translation in the City University of Hong Kong.

Mo Yu Wun
Mo Yu Wun
  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature, senior year in CUHK

Time flies and the past two years has significantly helped develop my bilingual proficiency. I got the opportunities to engage in translating long texts as well as lots of shorter texts of various fields such as finance, news, and legal documents. Besides, the programme offers training in generic and transferable language and IT skills which have benefited me a lot in my current studies.

Laurence Wong
Laurence Wong
  • BA, HKU (Year 1)

Although studying for only one year, I have acquired numerous translation and interpreting skills through intensive practice and my language ability has been strengthened drastically. I would not be able to study at university now without the support of lecturers at the HKU SPACE CC.

Lily So
Lily So
  • BA in English Studies, CityU (Year 3)


CaLight Fung
CaLight Fung
  • BA in Comparative Literature, HKU (Year 3)

Over the years of studying Translation and Interpretation, I’ve found the learning process challenging but rewarding. Trying to solve numerous small problems in the context of a large one, I’ve obtained great pleasure from translation where creativity, imagination and flexibility are always needed because I have to constantly look at the text inter-culturally and inter-disciplinarily.

Gary Ng
Gary Ng
  • BA in English Studies, CityU (Year 3)

Translation is not an easy task at all since it requires everlasting efforts to nurture one’s language proficiency and try out different translation approaches. Fortunately, all the translation teachers here are professional and patient in teaching students different aspects of translation. I’ve really gained a lot from this programme. It strengthens my interest in language studies. Hard work is everything. Building a vocabulary bank and reading more books do help.

Winnie Wong
Winnie Wong
  • BSc in Hotel Management, PolyU (Year 2)


Stella Ng
Stella Ng
  • BA in Translation and Interpretation, CityU (Senior Year)
  • Currently working as an In-house Translator, Masterank Limited

Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation has prepared me well for the subsequent 2 years of undergraduate study and my current position as a translator by offering a wide range of practical courses. What my ‘post-grad’ life has taught me is that we must be flexible when applying what we have learnt in the College into practice. Only by laying a solid foundation of hard skills can we build our soft knowledge to enhance our competitiveness and withstand challenges and difficulties.

Sean Tsoi
Sean Tsoi
  • BA in Translation, LU (Year 3)

HKU SPACE CC 的高級文憑課程提升了我的英語能力,讓我找到學習的目標和樂趣,發掘自己的專長。課程的講師大都活躍於業界,經驗豐富,樂於撥出額外時間幫助學生。現在,我已經準備好,迎接新挑戰-入讀大學主修翻譯!


Taiwan Study Tour 2019 for Higher Diploma in Translation and Interpretation 6-15 May 2019

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